Join Steve Houk freelance writer and front man for popular D.C. band Second Wind as he talks with superstars, singer-songwriters, musicians and icons.


As far back as I can remember, music was woven into my life in truly profound ways. I can recall being a little boy and watching my beautiful mother dance like a funky ballerina around the living room to everything from The Beatles to Neil Diamond to Burt Bacharach, and it was even then when I felt the sheer joy music provided. Growing up in the 70’s, I was a fierce rock and roll concertgoer, at one time averaging maybe 6-8 shows a month, especially when Southern Rock took its hold on us young Connecticut boys.

As the years went by I always wondered what it would be like to be in the band onstage, but instead pursued a successful television career and remained strictly an audience member. It was in February of 2006 when a chance meeting made my dreams come true, as I joined a local start-up band Second Wind, a bunch of neighborhood guys who wanted to rehearse once, do one open mike, and say they did it. Well, almost 10 years later, it’s exceeded all expectations, and I’m singing in 3 bands as lead vocalist including Second Wind, guesting with others regularly, playing 20-30 gigs a year, and living the local music scene dream. Also in the last 10-15 years, I decided to use my Emmy award-winning writing skills towards that passion I had since birth — music —  and found I had the knack to get musicians, many of whom are my rock idols, to talk intimately about their lives and their music.

The list of people I’ve interviewed reads like a who’s who of some of my favorite musicians on the planet, people like Gregg Allman, Peter Frampton, Graham Nash, David Crosby, Buddy Guy, Bobby “Blue” Bland, John Mayall, Greg Lake, Don Felder, Richard Marx, Peter Wolf, Bruce Cockburn, Derek Trucks, JJ Grey, Luther Dickinson, Steve Hackett, Joan Armatrading, Yoko Ono, Mike Rutherford and many many others. Being able to talk one on one with them, and then the climax of meeting them at their shows, has been just an incredible added musical gift.

I’m contributing to several regional and national music sites now, but am most proud of my collaboration with Cerphe is another of my musical heroes and a good friend, and being associated with him and his amazing wife Susan is simply amazing. I hope you enjoy these candid and open conversations with perhaps some of your musical idols as well. Because, well, many of us are midliferockers at heart.

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