A 35-year TV producer / director / executive…music journalist…lead singer in a half dozen rock cover bands…father of two amazing kids: yeah, that about sums up who I am at my core.

I live my life with undeniable and endless passion and a ‘carpe diem’ sense of the world and the people in it. Born in Wilton Connecticut, I was raised by two incredibly loving, caring, fun and intelligent parents (with foibles like everyone), an architect and an actress, who bestowed on me my creative foundation and love and respect for people and things. Got my Bachelor’s in broadcast journalism from Boston University and after considering being in front of the camera, decided to largely be behind the scenes as a creative force. Have won three Emmy awards and other accolades for my writing and producing, and served as VP of marketing for two of the country’s most successful TV stations.

In 2006, I began an unexpected singing career that has surpassed all possible expectations. If you have a band that you’d like me to write about, or want to book one of my bands, or have some TV or voice work that a seasoned pro can handle on a dime, please drop me a line. Until then, enjoy Living on Music!

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